Why You Need High Quality Microblading Supplies?

As a microblading artist you know that the quality of your results is the most important thing. 

Getting the best results for your clients will result in more word of mouth referrals which will help you build your business. 

Part of getting the best results means that you need to have the right supplies and part of that means you need to know WHICH supplies to get!

Have you ever noticed that some microbladers have amazing pictures while others aren't so great?

Did you ever wonder what their secret is?

While their technique is no doubt playing a role, there is also another important element to getting awesome results and that has to do with their supplies. 

Not only will these supplies help you get more referrals they will also make your job MUCH easier. 

Have you ever switched tools while working on a project at home to something brand new?

Or what about how it feels to cut with an old dull knife in the kitchen compared to a brand new and sharpened knife?

Microblading is very similar. 

At PMU Club we carry only the highest quality microblading and permanent makeup supplies available on the market for Microblading industry and we constantly searching and developing new and exciting products for You!

Try our new addition to PMU Club family, super strong and long lasting anesthetic cream "Romantic". You will be amazed that your clients fall a sleep during the procedure. Ours do).

Honestly, in over 10 years performing Permanent Makeup procedures on a daily basis and training, we never seen a better anesthetic cream.

Romantic is the strongest anesthetic available and it is safe for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips micropigmentation procedures.

You can read about Romantic ingredients by clicking on this link.

Please, comment below about your experience with Romantic.

Thank you.



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  • Marge

    Before I tried romantic I used everything you can find including dr numb, zensa, micronumbing and 100 others. Am I glad I found romantic!!! By far the best of the best anesthetics for permanent makeup, microneedling, microblading, etc. Lasts for the whole procedure so sometimes I don’t even have to use gel as secondary anesthesia. I can’t believe how could I do without it before. Thank you for having this product!

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