Headquartered in Aventura, Florida and established by working PMU artists and instructors, PMU Club is a global provider of disposable and consumable goods used by leading permanent makeup and microblading professionals, beauty schools, spas, and beauty institutions.

We successfully create partnerships to satisfy the unique needs of each establishment, no matter how big or small.


We are passionate about our products quality and performance. That’s why our quality standards corresponds to verified measured opinion of permanent makeup artists.

When we are creating and selecting a product, we base our decisions not just on masters opinion, but also on ideology, philosophy, proper labeling and packaging, and a careful evaluation of the price to quality ratio.

We take our responsibility seriously, knowing that our standards not only determine what goes on our shelves, but what also influences the reputation of permanent makeup artists among their clients.


Founded and operated with the objective of building long term relationships throughout the industry, we always create value for our business partners through the distribution of high quality, cost effective products.

The PMU Club team has over 23 years of aesthetic, beauty, and cosmetic experience and emphasizes the importance of quality products to promote a sanitary environment for customers.

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