Best Numbing Cream for Permanent Makeup

One aesthetic technique that is becoming increasingly popular in permanent makeup is machine hairstrokes technique – which involves making realistic-looking eyebrows with carefully placed pigment. Machine hairstrokes technique produces excellent results that are semi-permanent, which means they have to be touched up occasionally but in general will stay for at least two years. The procedure makes it so that eyebrows always look perfect and never need to be filled in. Since it involves the use of small incisions in the skin, machine hairstrokes technique can be somewhat painful and a topical anesthetic cream is almost always applied first. The best numbing cream for machine harstrokes and powder brows is a Romantic triple anesthetic cream, which is much more powerful than a typical non-prescription numbing cream.

Numbing Cream with Three Anesthetic Ingredients

The small incisions made in the skin with the use of the permanent makeup machine that can be somewhat painful. That is why a numbing cream is always used before a procedure. Some practitioners will use a cream containing only lidocaine at 5% strength or lower, which may not be enough for many patients. The best numbing cream for microblading is a stronger topical anesthetic with multiple anesthetic ingredients.

A triple anesthetic Romantic includes Benzocaine, Lidocaine, and Prilocaine in one cream, in addition to Epinephrine to stop the bleeding.

This powerful anesthetic cream is used by dermatologists and aestheticians for a variety of procedures including laser resurfacing, Botox treatments, and now microblading.

Vasoconstrictors in Topical Anesthetics

Some topical anesthetics include the vasoconstrictor phenylephrine, which helps the anesthetic stay in the area it is applied longer and reduces systemic effects. In general this is not included in the triple anesthetic cream however, as it is powerful enough on its own. Each anesthetic ingredient has different duration times so it is effective soon after application and for a longer period of time than a cream containing only lidocaine.

How to Use Romantic Cream for Microblading

Before any technique used, the numbing cream can be applied directly to the eyebrow area with a Q-tip, covered with a clear film and left on for 15-20 minutes. For powerful topical anesthetics like Romantic Cream a full half-hour is usually not required like it may be for lower strength anesthetics. Once the area is completely numb, the area is cleaned off and the practitioner can start the procedure.


  • Sadia Khan

    Hi, today I tried to order but it shows can’t deliver in uk.


    where do I buy this type of pain reliever cream for microblading tattoo?

  • Anna

    May I know, my microblading place told me they used a 39% numbing cream, but I still feel pain, how does your cream compare to the 39% cream? Thank you.

  • linda kim

    is this safe for other permanent makeup areas like eyeliner and lips?

  • Sherry Randulich

    Can romantic numbing cream be used around the eye area?

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