Will a Universal Tattoo Cartridge Fit my PMU Machine?

With so many machines on the market today for Permanent Makeup it's hard to know which needles you need to purchase for your machine. However, no matter what brand your machine is it's generally classified as either a PMU machine or a tattoo machine, as many tattoo machines are now being made and used for Permanent Makeup Procedures. 


These machines were created for PMU only, and include expensive digital machines, such as the Nouveau Contour as well as the many inexpensive machines you'll find on Amazon or that you might receive in your "kit" from your instructor. On these machines, the opening for the cartridge needle is different to a tattoo machine and will not fit universal tattoo cartridges. This opening is often unique to the brand so they can continue to sell you needles long after you've purchased the machine, however many PMU machines will have a similar fitting and will take a common PMU cartridge that is sold under many different brand names. Needle sizes and taper for these machines are often very limited and simply referred to by the number of needles in each configuration (1, 3, 5, etc).


Although some of these machines are now being made specifically for PMU, many are made for general tattooing. Because of this, almost all are designed with a universally sized opening for cartridges so that tattoo artists can continue to use their favourite brands, sizes and configurations of cartridge needles. The sizes and configurations are vast and differences include everything from number of needles, shapes of needle groupings, tightness of groupings, tapers of needles and even whether the needles are polished or textured.

Our Universal cartridges needles are UNIVERSAL tattoo cartridge needles and will fit most tattoo rotary machines on the market today but they will not fit a PMU specific machine. They have been designed for permanent makeup artists and have a wide variety of needle sizes and configurations to fit most rotary and hybrid rotary tattoo machines on the market today.

Universal cartridges are compatible with tattoo machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges, including our Digital Universal machine, Cheyenne, FK Irons and Microbeau (Spektra Xion, Spectra Flux, Bellar and Apollo), Bishop, Muse 2.0, Solo, Rook, Equaliser, Scalpa, Mast, Dragonhawk, and many more

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