Flat tip needles v Bevelled?

You may have noticed that most traditional Tattoo needles have a bevelled tip casing but Permanent Makeup needles have a flat tip casing. 

Many Permanent Makeup (PMU) artists have advanced to traditional tattoo machines or hybrid PMU pens to take advantage of the variety of needle sizes and configurations available. But they are often disappointed to find out that traditional tattoo cartridges have a beveled tip. 

The traditional beveled tip on the tattoo needle is designed to pick up and hold more pigment to give a heavier ink flow for less dipping and a more saturated work required for body tattooing. However, permanent makeup techniques such as Machine Hair strokes, whip shading or pointillism require a light ink flow and a steady needle and have traditionally been done with a branded permanent makeup needle designed with a flat tip casing. 

3 Reasons flat tip casings are preferred by PMU artists.

Many procedures require steady pigment flow for even saturation. Whether creating Ombre brows or a pixelated eyeliner, flat tips control pigment flow for perfectly even pigment saturation.

Detailed procedures, like lip blush or winged eyeliner, require accurate needle tip visibility. When creating a perfect tip on a winged eyeliner, or edging the perfect lip blush, flat tips prevent pigment "pooling" to allow for better needle tip visibility.

Fine hair strokes or delicate lip liner require needle stability for a perfectly smooth line. A needle within a beveled tip has more opportunity for wobble than a needle that is securely held in a flat tip. 

Universal cartridge needles have been designed with a flat tip specifically for PMU procedures. The needle comes in a white casing for a cleaner look.  Our cartridges/needles are compatible with any machine that requires a universal tattoo cartridge needle (twist-to-fit cartridges) and have a safety membrane to prevent backflow. They meet the current standard of quality management for medical devices (Certified ISO 13485:2016) and we are excited to bring these to our permanent makeup community.


More Information on Universal Cartridges: 

Individually packaged, single-use and disposable

100% EO gas sterilized with ethylene oxide

Flat tip for maximum precision and control

Safety membrane to prevent backflow

Japanese surgical steel-AISI 316L (Medical Grade)

Thin tip does not block the view during artist’s work

Patented needle stabilizing technology “Z-Systems, Long bar fixing lock” provides ideally smooth operation and let the user highlight the finest details

Patented system “Ink Flow Cup” is a guarantee of quick drawing up the ink and equal pigment feeding without splashing

Medical-grade plastic


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