5 Reasons to get only the best microblading supplies.

The eyebrows are without any doubt one of the most important parts of facial beauty. Fuller and lush brows give a fresh and young appearance which can be easily achieved with microblading and/or shading technique. In order to have a perfect performance, you have to be a trained professional artist and use the best Microblading Supplies available.

If you think your hand is just well enough, we don’t doubt you are a talented artist but down below we explain why what you use is important.

  • Microblading results are long lasting: for your customers, getting fuller and natural-looking brows with the microblading technique is not just an ordinary cosmetic procedure, it is somewhat a permanent change. Microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing needing only little touch-ups every 1 to 2 years. The client is looking for a skilled hand that delivers quality results. 50% of your work depends on your ability, the other part is where your Microblading Supplies come into play. In microblading there is plenty of room for error and a tool, disposable, or product can be the difference between a total mess and an impeccable work.
  • It costs money: A microblading full procedure can cost up to $ 2,000. That amount of money for a minor cosmetic change can be considered a splurge, but the benefits of having it make it an investment. There are several reasons behind the cost, one of them is the lack of certified professionals. But this is a double-edged sword. The cost of microblading makes it unaffordable for many people, and you will want your clients to come back to you for the touch-ups. To provide for your customers the best of this innovative brow enhancement method, the use of top quality tools and products is mandatory.
  • The cheap is counterproductive: due to the skyrocketing popularity of microblading and shading many technicians and make-up artists are experiencing supply problems, representing an opportunity cost for their businesses and delaying success for them. In this case, it could be tempting buying anything or improvising, but those actions are very likely to end your career. Find a supplier that is continually restocking the inventory to make sure you get supplies when you need it.
  • Safety and efficacy: there is no guarantee that something less than the best will not have a negative impact on your clients. Don’t rely only on your expertise and prevent liability issues or lawsuits for delivering a bad result or worse, causing harm to somebody.
  • Your work represents you: when you started your training, you probably had dreams and aspirations, you made a great effort to be skillful at microblading, and thought of building a career in which people say good things when they mention your name. So, if you raised the bar so high, why ruining everything with poor quality?

At PMU Club we are proud to offer all the Microblading Supplies you will need to perform your work from the beginning until the aftercare and all of them meet the health and safety requirements. PMU Club provides products with top-notch quality and trusted by the most reputed microblading artists.

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