MUSE Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

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  • What does it mean to be called a Muse?
  • As a verb, to Muse is to consider something thoughtfully.
  • As a noun, it means a person-especially a woman-who is a source of artistic inspiration.
  • In mythology, the Muses were nine Goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences.
  • We strongly believe that our Muse is for an artist, the Permanent Makeup Goddess who is a source of artistic inspiration to others and a highly recognized leader in her field.
  • Muse is extremely lightweight, portable, slim, powerful yet very precise digital device with no vibration.
  • Muse is perfect for all permanent makeup (strokes, shading, powder, eyeliner, lips, scar camouflage, areola, etc.) and tattoo removal treatments.
  • Muse has 15 different speed levels with lowest speed that is the secret for perfect eyebrow pixelation and which is impossible to find in other Permanent Makeup machines.
  • Quitter and smother in operation than most permanent makeup machines. Simple to use regardless of skill level.
  • The device is capable of using both permanent makeup and micro needling cartridges. Precise control panel, specific rotate speed, accurate handpiece up to 10,000 RPM with German motor.
  • Uses disposable cartridges / needles to avoid cross contamination.
  • Build in grippy silicone for use on a variety of surfaces for a strong hold and magnet to attach to a metal surface.
  • Simple digital push controls to turn on / off output and to change the speed (No pedal required to run).
  • Fully machined anodized aluminum housing.
  • Universal input 110-240V and 50/60hz
  • Muse has to be used with supplied A/C Plug to avoid damage to power supply
  • 6 and 12 month "No questions asked" warranty is available with PMU Club Care
  • Designed in Sunny Florida, USA


  • Digital Power Supply
  • Handpiece
  • 2 Cords
  • A/C Plug
  • 3-1RL .3mm Backflow Prevention Cartridges / Needles

Instructional Video for MUSE PMU Device

1 - To turn Muse on, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds.

2 - After display lights up, press the power button momentarily again.

3 - Use up and down arrows to adjust the speed you are comfortable with.

4 - Needle protrusion is adjusted on a handpiece (long, brief).

5 - Please make sure handpiece always have 2 red rubber rings on the cartridge end before putting a cartridge on a handpiece. Using handpiece with 1 rubber ring or no rings at all may damage the machine and a handpiece.

6 - MUSE must be used with supplied AC/DC Adapter that comes with the machine. Using different adapters can damage power supply unit.


MUSE Digital Permanent Makeup Machine
MUSE Digital Permanent Makeup Machine
MUSE Digital Permanent Makeup Machine
MUSE Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

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